HEMPIST™ Heritage

Founder Alexandra Elaine Keith's path to skin and personal care was not your typical beauty journey.
Trained at one of the world’s most prestigious Culinary Institutes, Le Cordon Bleu as a chef, Alexandra possessed a unique insight into mixing, blending and amalgamating ingredients into extraordinary results. While making what should have been a routine pot of bolognese, she had burned her chest straining pasta- causing a third degree burn and trip to the hospital. In the days following the burn, Alexandra tried every over the counter solution, it seemed, to no avail.
No matter what she experimented with, the burn remained unhealed and her symptoms only worsened.
Harnessing her own nutritional knowledge and formulating expertise to create the solution she was seeking for, she turned to Hemp, an ingredient she knew was anti-inflammatory and loaded with restorative, fatty acids…also being one of the earth’s most sustainable ingredients, at that. Within weeks of daily use, she began to experience visible signs of scar reduction on all burns, old and new. The more she studied, Alexandra began introducing what she found to be the most useful and successful ingredients creating a plant based oil mixture. Alexandra shared the formula with friends and family, and like a true skin phenomenon, they also began to experience transformative results. She quickly realized that what she had discovered through Hemp’s healing and moisturizing abilities was so much more than a topical scar solution —
it was a true wellness essential and the foundation of a life, well lived.


HEMPIST™ LLC was later established in 2018. Alexandra’s vision behind the concept and creation of HEMPIST™ was to develop a brand that offers this world, products to help achieve a sustainable and healthy life by utilizing one of earth’s most miraculous plants Hemp, a botanical class of Cannabis Sativa.

The Company Launched with it's first product, HEMPIST™ Body Oil in 2021. Formulated for all skin types, this product will cleanse, replenish, regenerate, moisturize and protect your skin, helping you achieve the most authentic, natural and healthy glow!
HEMPIST™ has since evolved, as does Alexandra’s vision for the industry as a whole. The good ingredient innovator envisions — and is indeed behind the scenes working towards the reality of — a marketplace, free of harmful toxins, and resplendent with organic, natural and high-performance solutions that nourish 
baby, body, pet and planet.


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