Ingredient Innovation

 Mother Nature’s Healer

Industrial hemp, commonly known to the world as hemp, has been celebrated throughout history for its multiple efficacies and purposes — over 50,000 at that. Due to legislature, industrial hemp has largely remained in the shadows for the past century, surrounded by controversy and confusion. In reality, hemp is as natural, fortifying and replenishing as plants come: it is grown without pesticides due to its natural resiliency, and is packed with high quality nutrients and fatty acids. These properties make it the ideal treatment for skin health in particular, helping to address a myriad of skin woes, such as soothing dryness, itching, redness, scarring and environmental damage… to name a few.

Nourishing Skin & Honoring the Earth

Most conventional skin and personal care products utilize crude oil as base, meaning they often contain a long laundry list of synthetic chemicals that dry out skin, and generally toxify the daily routine. The HEMPIST™ difference is simple, yet vast: the line is formulated using only USDA Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil. Like the contrast in the way you feel when nourishing your body with luscious fruits and vegetables versus stuffing down heavy, greasy fast food, HEMPIST™ feeds your skin with the nutrient rich diet that it craves.

Loaded with alpha-linolenic acid (an Omega3 fatty acid), linoleic acid (an Omega6 fatty acid), vitamins and antioxidants, Hemp Oil helps to fortify the barrier functions and appearance of the skin, while providing powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant healing and protection. HEMPIST™ also features additional natural, superfood ingredients for the skin, such as Rosehip Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Red Raspberry.

Our Environmental Vow (To People & To Planet)

Best of all, Hemp is truly an eco-loving wonder. As it grows, the plant actually helps improve soil health, and absorbs carbon dioxide in the air, creating a healthier environment all around. There is no need for toxic pesticides, as hemp is naturally resistant to most pests. HEMPIST™ harnesses this sustainable powerhouse ingredient to provide skin, body and soul with nutrients and nourishment. In this way, the company also makes a healthy, happy and sustainable lifestyle easier to achieve than ever. HEMPIST™ vows to only provide safe, environmentally friendly products for humans and animals, manufacturing the products in a Certified Leap Bunny Lab.


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